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Commercial Solar

Installing Solar is Good for Business

Generate your own power!

Savings that are generated by solar can significantly reduce your overhead and increase your green energy status. If you have a business or multiple businesses in different locations, let us help you reduce or eliminate your utility bill so you can take that extra capital and put it into your business growth plan.

Rooftops, Ground mounts, Carports, whatever your needs Earth and Air will help you pick the best solution for your business.


  • Site survey, system design, and plan drafting
  • Professional solar energy consultation
  • Financing options
  • System monitoring
  • Building and Electrical permit, clean energy grant application, and any other necessary documentation submitted
  • Full service installation with grid tie-in and inspection
  • System performance projections and financial performance analysis
  • Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SREC) brokering

Incentives available:

  • Modified Accelerated Depreciation  (depreciate 100% of the project cost in the first year).
  • Commercial Clean Energy Grant Program: 1-200kW- $6,000max
  • Federal Tax Credit