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Residential Solar Power

Owning your own system is the way to go! Reap all the benefits that having a solar PV system has to offer.

  • Reduce or eliminate utility bill
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Become your own powerplant

Incentives available!

  • Federal tax credit (limited time)
  • Additional revenue to you for producing green renewable energy (SREC)
  • Commercial Clean Energy Grant Program: 1-200kW- $6,000max
  • Different county incentives available, message for details


    • Professional solar energy consultation
    • System performance projections and financial performance analysis
    • Financing options
    • Site survey, system design, and plan drafting
    • Building and Electrical permit, clean energy grant application, and any other necessary documentation submitted
    • Full service installation with grid tie-in and inspection
    • System monitoring
  • Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SREC) brokering

Service for existing systems: How long has your system been installed? Is everything working the way it should? Have the filters been changed? Has it been checked since installation?

A significant change in utility cost could be an indicator that your system is not functioning properly.

Just as you would service your A/C and heating system, your PV system should also be checked to maximize system performance and return on investment.

Contact us for rates and to schedule a site visit.