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Agriculture Solar Power

21st Century Farmers Harvesting a Different Type of Crop


With a long-standing experience working with farmers, Earth and Air Technologies is the right company for you to reduce your utility bill and make that unusable land or open roof space another source of income. We offer grant writing and have a great relationship with the USDA assisting many customers on obtaining grants for their farms.

What funding is available from USDA:

  • Loan guarantees on loans up to 75 percent of total eligible project costs
  • Grants for up to 40¬†percent of total eligible project costs.
  • Combined grant and loan guarantee funding up to 75% of total eligible project costs.
  • Federal Tax Credit
  • Commercial Clean Energy Grant Program: 1-200kW- $6,000max
  • Modified Accelerated Depreciation

Service for existing systems:  How long has your system been installed? Is everything working the way it should? Have the filters been changed? Has it been checked since installation?

A significant change in utility cost could be an indicator that your system is not functioning correctly.

Just as you would service your A/C and heating system, your PV system should also be checked to maximize system performance and return on investment.

Contact us for rates and to schedule a site visit.

Agricultural Projects:

  • Dell Bros farms

    Service Provided: Service Provided: 203.81kWdc roof top solar

  • Linganore Winecellars

    Service Provided: Service Provided:252kWdc Rooftop/Groundmount solar

  • Gravel Springs Farm

    Service Provided: 50kWdc

  • Lease bros Farm

    Service Provided: 206kWdc groundmount

  • Keymar fertilizer

    Service Provided: 300kW groundmount

  • Sunnyside Egg Farm

    Service Provided: 200kW Groundmount

  • Black Ankle Winery

    Service Provided: 13.9kW Standing seam roof mount

  • Ceresville New Holland

    Service Provided: 112kW roof top solar